March 24 - 31, 2023

We are calling 10,000 laborers to the Californias to be the hands and feet of Jesus for LOVE WEEK, the week before the stadiums and Hope Festivals.

Become a part of the solution to a hopeless world, and join thousands bringing the HOPE of Jesus to the Californias. Whether you lead worship for a shift, deliver groceries and prayer to a struggling family, reach out to the hopeless in the center of the region, heal the sick or cast out demons on the ministry team, or simply help serve in the background… we need workers to help serve in every region.

Mountain terrain in california


If you’re a pastor, youth pastor, missions director, bring a missions team out to the Californias to join Hope Californias' Love Week. Outreach teams will have opportunities to receive training, engage daily in worship & prayer, go out into the neighborhoods to share the practical love of Jesus, and invite people OUT to the HopeFest gathering at the STADIUM!


  1. Choose a Hope Region in the Californias to serve
  2. Register Your Mission’s Team or as an Individual
  3. Come for the Love Week, March 24th - April 1st

Join THE Fast

40 DAYS OF HOPE - Feb 22 - March 2, 2023
Join the 40 Day Fast with 3,000 California Leaders and Prayer Gathering @ The Rose Bowl.

Get involved

Join thousands of believers in flooding the Californias simultaneously with Worship, Prayer, Generosity, and Evangelism from February - April 2023!

Connect with us

Feel free to reach out to our HOPE CALIFORNIAS Team to answer any questions you may have.

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